Our Promise To You


Our mission here at Georgetown Veterinary Hospital is to assure your pet the best possible health by providing the highest quality veterinary care in a humane, responsible, and caring environment. In order to achieve this goal, we maintain a top quality facility staffed by highly experienced and genuinely compassionate personnel. We consider your pet to be an integral part of your family, and we will do our best to strengthen that bond by keeping your pet healthy.

Preventative Medicine Is Important


Many diseases can be prevented through early detection and through vaccination. An annual physical examination and administration of vaccinations will help to insure your pet the best possible health and happiness. In addition, an annual blood test for heartworm disease and tick-borne diseases as well as a yearly fecal examination are recommended to keep your pet free of internal parasites or worms, some of which are contagious to people. A yearly blood and urine test for animals over 7 years old is also recommended in order to detect early signs of illnesses such as liver disease, kidney disease, or even cancer. Early detection and treatment of such medical problems often results in a positive outcome. Our computer will help to remind you when your pet is due to come in for his or her next visit.


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